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MAR 7th - APR 6th 2014

PARTITION is a way to isolate, physically or emotionally.
A change of a border, separating a territory considered a homeland by the affected community.  According to the political definition, it is done by diplomatic means or the use of military force.  In many historical instances, partitions are decided away from the scene, by people not affected. The consequences of such partitions have long-term consequences. Isolation, chaos, and violence have stemmed from such partitions. This exhibition explores partitions, their causes, and unintended consequences. The artwork displayed depicts the feelings and frustrations of people living isolated or under attack as the result of such partitions. 

irst Friday, July 5th
"Crossing Borders" by Mary Woodworth
by Mary Woodworth
The Flight by Mary Wadsworth

The collection on view at the Missing Peace Art Gallery entitled "Crossing Borders" comprises linoleum cut relief prints from work that I have created over the last decade or more. Using images from African-American and Latino experience, Shamanistic and indigenous religion, and contemporary life I create images that viewers associate with dreams. Individually and together they suggest narratives of suffering, liberation, and consolation. Crossing borders suggests new ways of being, seeing, and ways to tell the story. The diverse and common iconography is deeply connected both to my own personal journey of struggle and understanding and to the paths of many others and of many different communities.
Mary Woodworth
August 2013

more about the Artist here

Inside Out ~ Aug 5, 2013
Inside Out is a global participatory art project initiated by the award-winning artist JR to pay tribute to the power and dignity of individuals by displaying their portraits in public spaces around the world. People share their untold stories and transform messages of personal identity into works of public art. Inside
Out aims to move beyond the political debate and illustrate that the number of 11 million undocumented people represents real human stories.
The public art project demonstrates the diversity and unity of people that can call America home.
The project was traveling the country and Dayton was chosen as one of the 20 stops- most are other larger cities (Sacramento, New York, Chicago.

Lamentation by Marcia Bernstein It is for Peace  Jorge Pickett
Marcia Bernstein is a native New Yorker. Her works are mixed media wall sculptures.
A desire for varied materials and textures led her from painting to mixed media.  

These works are composed of both “found” materials and those that are handmade. Many contemporary artists now incorporate into their work materials from the “non–art world”.  Here such materials as wood, metal, wire, plaster, cardboard, paper, rope and acrylic paint are recycled and transformed into an aesthetic piece. 

Unframed, this removes any barrier between the work and the viewer
The work of the mexican artist, Jorge Pickett, based in Copenhagen.

His background as an artist with a well developed career has shaped his ability to approach  different materials he encounters from various angles. Since the early 90′s he has developed a fascination for experimenting with diverse materials which has been an ongoing passion ever since.


A Picture for Peace -  United Network of Young Peacebuilders

The United Network of Young Peacebuilders is held an international photography contest open to all
in honor of International Day of Peace on September 21st, 2012.
                           The exhibition is made up of the winner and ten runners up.
cture for Peace,
details here

This exhibition is available for loan.



Día de los Muertos

Day of the Dead
fall of 2012

Peace 4 Me

Special student artists from Stivers School of the Arts, Dayton Ohio put on their own exhibition at the Missing Peace Art Space,
"Peace 4 Me".

Special recognition to Lesley Herkins McFadden who did such a great job displaying the art work..

Mystical Artwork of Barb Stork
fall of 2012


from the
American Friends Service Committee

Windows and Mirrors


Opening July 6th 2012

Estimates of civilian casualties over the course of the war range from 8,768 to 28,360. Using a military formula that one civilian death creates ten new enemies, we have created between 87,680 and 283,600 new enemies.

In Windows anirr, t<more here> he eyes of artists and children become “windows” through which we see the reality of war. They also become “mirrors” reflecting back to us our own identity as a nation at war.


Closing day July 29th 2012



Always the Unintended Suffer War
“One Life - A Call to Consciousness”

April 6th, 2012
through May 6th

Kevin McKelvy is an artist from Southwest Missouri.

He had an idea to present two images in one piece that would change as the viewing perspective changed. The first such attempt would feature Presidents Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln.  Two originals were blended into one unique piece of art.

That piece ultimately led to the entire series he now refers to as “One Life - A Call to Consciousness”. Sixteen originals that were created to produce eight blended visions of social, political and religious icons from around the globe.




Feb. 2012
Music for the 99% with Singer Tom Neilson

Singer/Song Writer Tom Neilson will be at the Missing Peace Art Space Winner- Kerrville Folk Festival South FL Folk Festival IMA Song of the Year 18 music awards & nominations
 This is very good music and very good politics .
Tom Paxton
Skewers the greedy & powerful in corporations, the media & government . People’s Voice Café Collective, NYC One of the most savvy songwriters I know .
World Soul Records

If you missed the concert be sure to check out Tom's website below to enjoy some of his great music.
Thank you Tom & Lynn for the excellent music!

Tom Nielson Singer & Song Writer

"Discover Your Inner Child"
a place peace never left.
the artwork of
Jeff Rutledge, Dayton Ohio
Fall 2011

The artwork of Mehri Dadgar,
<More Here>

Dayton Patented Prints for Peace
ts for Peace

The Dayton Printmakers Cooperative will exhibited original hand pulled prints at the Missing Peace Art Space and
the Cannery Art & Design Center, September / October  2011.
The Dayton Printmakers Cooperative is a member-supported group open to all qualified visual artists.
The exhibit will display lithographs, monoprints, relief, intaglio and screen prints created by its current and summer members.


Dialogue with Cuba ba
The photographs of Ernesto Pichardo show you the Cuba we can't see.
Social Engagement Exile
Poster Art by Marlena Buczek Smith
Cuba EP   oil spill MBS
  A selection of 5 posters from the "Social Engagement Exile" are available for loan.
Strokes of Hope 1 STROKES OF HOPE
is coming to Dayton
March 4th - 27th  2011
more here >>
Global Art Project
for Peace

Global Art Project  more here

at the
Missing Peace Art Space

"The Trouble with the Alphabet" by Caryn West

Now available for loan.
(*This wonderful exhibition is available for loan to schools & public display. Contact us for details)

Trouble with Alphabet

    In 2006 Caryn conceived The Trouble with the Alphabet. Since then her efforts have been focused on bringing her collective experience together in a project that gives full expression to her range of creativity. In this project she has found the inspiration to say “Yes I Can”
- we all can make a difference for children around the world.

Artist Caryn West
  Caryn West
  -  Buy the Book



Artemio Rodriguez
"Messages and Social Commentary from Beyond"
Oct. 8th -Nov. 6th 2010

A delicious Mexican Fiesta 
was donated by

Taqueria Mixteca
1609 E. Third St. Dayton
for our opening reception

and an early celebration of

"Día de los Muertos",

"Day of the Dead" for you Gringos.


On Sept. 21, 2010, which is the United Nations designated

International Day of Peace,
we celebrated the opening of the Urban Youth Peace Academy
at the Missing Peace Art Space

<event videos here>

International day of Peace

Gawallaker Bam


by Frank Swift

An exhibition of illustrations
from Frank Swift's new book.
A Dr. Seuss style peace book
for young and old. 

Dayton Patented
Frank Swift is an author, illustrator, and publisher of books and games about peace that both adults and children enjoy!
Cds and other items related to promoting peace at every level, personal, family community and world community are also available.
He writes songs for peace and one of them, Point of View
 is on two albums, Dayton, OH musician, Jim McCutcheon's Guitar Man and the Russian National Folk Ensemble, Grenada's Crosscurrents of Music Around the World.  For more information:

more here>>

Burning the Weapons

In Disguise Angels of God by Martha Gilliom "Light, Shadow, and the Ordinarily Sacred"
an exhibition of the work by
Martha Gilliom,
2009 Dayton Art of Peace
Viewers Choice Award


"A Show Of Respect"
by artist Helen Broadfoot,
is a body of work painted for the children of war.
This exhibition is comprised of ten large oil paintings. It underscores the violation of these children’s basic human rights. Each painting depicts a child from a different country and chronicles ways that war effects children. Children die, children are forced to become soldiers, children are captured and sold into brothels and children are displaced and spend their young lives (often their whole lives) as refugees.

A major component of each piece is the inclusion of one of the articles of "The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights".
These articles are painted on the canvas in the language of the child depicted in the painting.
Beside each painting in the exhibit is the translation of the article into English as well as the inspiration for the painting itself.

*this exhibition is available for loan.
Contact MPAS for details.
Details of exhibition:

Come with me
Mary Perry Stone
"Art Makes Us Human"
Jan, Feb, Mar, 2010

Work by Mary Perry Stone is available for
offsite shows, contact us for details.

Drawing Paradise on the Axis of Evil
"PRE-WAR ART" by UK Artist Emily Johns

"The “war artist” documents the process of war, and comments on the aftermath of war.
This project is “pre-war art” - an equivalent process for a conflict that I hope may never take place.
It deals with the themes that a war artist might deal with, but in a period of tension rather than after the outbreak of hostilities.
My approach has been from the perspective of British relations with Persia and the intertwining of histories."
Emily Johns

January 16th & 17th 2010
An intimate look at the Iran through history and art.
Flyer Here

This exhibition is available for loan to
appropriate venues, info@missingpeaceart.org

"Art for Peace" with Artenade
featuring Arrigo Musti

Oct/Nov/Dec 2009
Artist from the US and around the World participated in
an art exhibition that helped raise funds
for the

Tallinn Orphanage

Our Gallery Opening Exhibition

" Know Justice Know Peace "  Sept 4th through Oct 12th 2009
Max Ginsburg

 His work is suffused with the energy of the city and it’s people: its vendors, its protestors, its athletes, and musicians. The power of his work stems from both his belief in the immediacy of a shared, realistic viewpoint and his strong belief in humanism. His work explores issues of class, race, and gender and in recent years has gone on to examine more subtle relationships within society, such as the way we care for our elderly, our young, and in the wake of 9/11, notions of patriotism.
*(from his bio.)

Exhibition Flyer (Adobe Acrobat pdf file)


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