Catherine Billingsley
Catherine Billingsley

All works of love are works of peace.

Mother Teresa



COUNT DOWN TO PEACE was a collaborative art project started in the fall of 2007 by Catherine Billingsley and Jodi Jubran, with Laurie Godwin as web designer and webmaster.  The project was designed to draw attention to the war in Iraq and was formatted like a calendar with each entry representing a day in the war, starting with March 19, 2003.  The calendar format allowed a way to measure the full extent of the war and give a visual sense of its continuing scope. 

The project was closed at the end of 2009, and operation of the website was transferred to the Missing Peace Art Space in Dayton, Ohio. 

The Missing Peace Art Space will continue the Countdown to Peace project with an expanded view of the global peace topic through art.

We will continue to accept submissisions for our ongoing Global Countdown to Peace in
4" x 4" size (10.16cm x10.16cm) dimension from anyone who wishes to express their
idea, concern, refection... about peace.  * see submissions page for details.


Countdown to peace

It isn't just Iraq.
Somolia, DRC, Darfur,
Nigeria, Sri Lanka, East Timor,
Burma, Indonesia, Gaza, Kashmir,
Thailand, Chechnya, India, Pakistan,
Uzbekistan, Nepal, Columbia, Iran, Peru,
Israel, Russia, China
or violence in the U.S...

Conflict anywhere is conflict everywhere.
Our futures are interconnected.